Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Procrastination no more......

We all know that we have great intentions of getting everything we've been putting off done over winter break.  Then the days slip by and we realize we haven't done anything!!  Come on, you know you are all the same way.  We seem to get lazier with every day that goes by.

Well, I decided when I woke up this morning that I was going to do something school related.  I wasn't sure what, but I figured if I sat in my den long enough, something would pop into my head.

And sure enough, I grabbed my math teacher's edition around 10 o'clock this morning and I just finished (it is 4:38 p.m. right now).  Holy cow, can you believe it??  My husband and my daughter took down the Christmas tree and I didn't even notice!!!!

I decided right before break that I was going to revamp my math block to try to teach using a workshop model.  The Everyday Math chapter 4 revolves around decimals and I think my attempt was successful.  But, it was also a ton of work.  My husband (gosh I love him) keeps reminding me that once the work is done this year, I will be able to use if for years to come.  Isn't he just a doll.

Anyway, Chapter 5 dives into fractions.  If you've followed by blog all along and if you've paid attention to my blog title, this is my Journey into 5th grade since this is my first year teaching it.  I am a math major, so I understand the concepts, but trying to learn new curriculum for all subjects is rather difficult and time consuming.  So, about 7 hours later, I have my first week planned and I've succeeded in creating the game sheets that go along with the games for next week.  If you aren't familiar with Everyday Math, there are a lot of games involved!!  One of the reasons I wanted to try the workshop model is to force myself to use these games.  I often found that I ran out of time and it was the games that never got done.  Well no more of that.  Now my students play games everyday we do workshop!!!  Hip Hip Hooray for me and my students!

I also have a station set up for fact practice and I have found that task cards work great in this station.  So, my creative side just had to create task cards for next week.  I needed cards so my students can practice finding parts of the whole.  You know, those buggers that ask the kids to find 3/4 of 12 and the kids look at us like we're crazy!!  I have 28 students, so I like to create 28 task cards.  That way, if I decide to give each student a card outside of the workshop time, I have enough for everyone!!

Here they are:

These task cards will be used for the beginning of the week.  Probably the first 2 days, and then I needed more task cards for the students to practice changing improper fractions to mixed numbers and changing mixed numbers to improper fractions, so I created these:

I have to give a shout out to scrappindoodles because that is where the absolutely, positively adorable frogs and gators came from.  Don't you just love them????

And I am just so proud of that circle border that I created this week as well.  I love how you can see the background through the circles.  I think I am going to make some more of those.  Maybe with different geometric shapes??

Ok, so I just have to get off this computer now.  It is time to eat dinner, which was cooked by my darling husband because he knows how much fun I have when I am in my creative mode.

Bye for now,



  1. I am so jealous Julie! We use EDM too. I love it but agree that the games fall by the wayside most days. I am not too familiar with math workshop. Can you recommend a book for me to read that would explain things? Thanks for stoppping my my blog. I already have a TpT store. i just wasn't sure if Teacher's Notebook is worth the 20 bucks.

  2. Brandi, I didn't read a book, but I got a lot of information on The Clutterfree Classroom blog. Just search her posts for math workshop!!


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